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move back into the picture in my skywatch forecast. foreeast. and turkey time. time. what makks this bunch of birds in howard county so speciil. 3 hhlll,... 'mmjeff 3barnd. &pbarnd. and i'm karen parks.police are missing teenager. teenager. it's... been... two months ...since the 15-year-old girl... was last seen her family... or... wooried..../ melinda roeder .... live... from... baltimore county police headqqarters... with more &pon the investigation. melind? melinda?when police herr were first nooifiid about the missing teen.,... they were told she might have driven oof with someone - willingly. but now... as the weeks go by... with no ord from her... they are getting very danger. and her family is now pleading for a safe return. return. 3
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3 3 you know."knows... say something, you know." 3 3 you know."knows... say something, 3-&p3
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fox 45 news t ten.melinda roeder - fox 45 news at ten. 33 will go free.cused of murder free.prosecutors have dropped the charges gaiist daniel savage... a teenager... accused in a deadly shooting last month.he was charged with killing maathew morrow afterra house party in pasadena.buu prosecutors say they dont have enough evidennc to proceed with the case againstthim.they arr moving forward with mcleod.18-year-old ronald
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3 of....schooll.. - ...crimeereporting... is.. under fire once againn as joy lepolaareportt mooe members of city council are speaking out t. tonight. in this email from the city pol fox 45...a request to city school police to complete dozens of reportt recounting &pserious crimes that are inccmpletee reports of felooies like assault and dilenquent. it's the seconn 3 time in under a monnh schooll crime reports have been questionedlast month ww uncovered dozens of serious crimes that were not reported 23:13:511i don't think it doess ann agency individual weel to try to hiie not to show what's of crimes like assaalts andd -
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consfiscated weapsons that were not included in the school's official crime stats after our report, school police officerssvotede no confidence in police chief toby oodwin23:50:26"it is a concern and we should know." and now he controversy has caught the attention of a key member of the citt council23: 49:48it's a in evvyrone accuratley what's e to know - gging,,,,it's our children" councilwoman mary ppt clarke chairs the educction committee.
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3 according to the email.../ there are... more than... 350 reportt... that are... either incomplete... or missing. morr than 60 baltimoree pave ccossinn guards...but thanks to a story we aired last night that listtis not set in stone. greenmount and 21st street was one intersectionnset to ccose today but that decisson was officials say they will only have a crossing guard if theee are 40 cars per hour. a school bus flipped... on its side... in montgomeey county.../ leaving... two people injured....// officials sayy.. a car clipped the bus... this afternoon ...near route 97... and... rolling hills... rive...//// one
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sttdent... was oo the bus... at the timm.../ but... was not hurt..../ the... caa... nny sufferee... minor injuries...//. no word ...on who... was at faull. 3 3 there aremore allegations of city's phone system..... - is in the hot seat. jeff pbell has the results of a new . at city talking. even thhugh (cooncilman) "its very 200 - disturbing. its very the mayor's office of information technnlogy that are simply idle. but the phone bill remains very &paative. the audit cclims they've cost the city 375-thousand
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right ow, the city is paying 16-million dollars a year on telephones. the mayors offiie believes aamore extensive audit wouud uncover more ways to reduce that bill. the... board of estimates... gives... another reprieve the parking authority... for... baltimore/ baltimore...//. at... thursday's the boaad appprved ...nearly... 3 millions pollars... in funds.../ to... extend the life... of... four parking contracts .../ because... the agency failed to get new agreements... in place by the d. the... aggncy missed... a... key deadline... llst june.../ got... permission... to contractt... for 188.. more... months.../// by... failiig... to ppt out... new contracts the... city... - missee the opportunityy.. to save money... thru... competing bids. p join... our waste watch.. if... p call... our - hooline.. 410-662--456. or...410-662--456.
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or... go to fox- bbltimore dot com. 3 films watched...ppacticess are done...all that's left for thh ravens as they head to piitsburgh tt face the &psteelers sunday night...mmrga adsit joins us now with aa preview, morgann meeting between the two this 3 season...and the first in the pittsburgh... at l - san diego... then home with the steelers are just as ready... swept last season by thh ravens...emmarassed week ooe here in bbltimore... 35-7. joe flacco to torrey smith..n - these teams will look drasticially different when theyymeet due to injuries sunday ray lewis... lardarius webb... oo jimmy smith for antonio brown... troy palomalu... or ben roethlisberger for pittsburgh..yes, their q-b steelers injury report.but the ravens don't believe injuries
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can ssdeline big ben. "the guy layed down here a couple of years ago with a &pbroken ankle so until the bal picks ff on sunday night and they start calling plays under center i wouldnnt rule him out juss yet."3 the full injury report...high schooo gameeof the week...and terps &pbasketball.that's later in sports unlimited. 3&they're... a... grouu oo baltimore city... peewee football players.../ steering towwrds ...a.. nattonal championshii...//. but... one... slight problem.../ the... field... theyy ractice... on.../ leaves... them... completely in the dar. dark.janice park... ssreaming live... n... east baltimore../ .to ... tell us ...about ssveral... parents.../ who... are.. doing... whatever they can ... to... bring jeff,the team is called the parkkide warriorr...they are really good...buttthis is the to sittout here threeenights a week with their headlights shining...without these
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would be practicinggin tttal darknesss. the sun sets in east baltimore.....nd east the ssn ssts in the sun sets in east baltimore....and day quicklyy turns into dark, pitch lack an empty school parring lot in east baltimore...a dozen parents patiently 6 o'clock. the headliihts turn on and that means it's time to get ser! serious!"they play real hard, here""thanks for arents burning gas, anything for the pids"parents burn their sitting in their cious hours cars...sometimes innfreezing we. because left car n"to give - their pewee eam the parkkide warriorr,,friday ight headligh: headlights:"when you pllying, someone might come out of nowhere and you'd be done" done""ii woulddbe ggeat bbeause it's not safe at all to praccice in the dark"three
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nights a week...hundreds of kids plaa by the glow of headlights.the lack of field lights hasn't stopped them from competing with the best in the nation. two teamm head to regionals goal....he natiinal championship, in florida: "mayor stephanie, we can practice safely"say they'll headlights...and let a battery or two die, if i means their kids continue to shine: shinee"if that what takes, the coach tells me keep shining tte lights""if shhninn the lights"'ll keee 3 eep shining the liggts" theecoach ttlls me theyyve tried contacting the city about ggtting lights here...but haven'ttheard back. live in east bbltimoree jp fox45 news at ten. 33
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an end to hooho's, ding-dong's and twinkies? the big move by hostess thha killed thousands of jobs. 3 ""hey have no fear at all. they just run right out ii you." dodggng deer at the tips to avoid putting your car or your life in dangerr new at 10:30 they know gobblers. how aawedding gift turned into a massive free- couple. turkey farm for one & 3 twinkiess.. are
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suppooedd.. to last forever.../ that makes them -/ may not. pootess... has asked... p court for permission... to
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close... its business... and... sell off... its... iconic brands...///. the company says... it willl move... immediately... to... lay off... most... of its... 18-thousand person... workforce. .../this... after... a... week-longg strike... by the akers union,.../ which was protesting pay and pension cuts. 3 "what am i supposed to do, i work for a bakery, you know i load trucks, ship them oot, for 22 yeaas... they can't tell me i have to justtget up i'm gonna stay here and fight." 3 bakery operations are suspended although the company's retail stores will remain open for a few days tt sell current products. shoppers in colorado ...are on many hoe hoes... and ding dongs... as they &pcan..../ people... lined up inside nd outsidee...the markkt.../ ome... filling their carts... to the top... the last snacks on the shelves. that bbings us to our uestion of the day.wwo do you blame... for the collapse ? brands? there's... a... lot of
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uuset twiikie faas... out... there tonight...///. if... you want tt see... a lot of angry people... with low fighting it... out... or vent....your oon frustrations .../ headd to facebook, find fox45 and look for our question of the day. 3 more than... two... dozen people... aae... arrestedd.. in a major drrg bust.... in... west baltimore! myranda... stephens ... has... more ...on he city's... latest effort to fight crime. 3 myrrnda 406 the 24 arrests were the result of a 33-onth long investigation targeting the franklin square and &ppenrose neighborhoods here in west baltimore. but the quustion is, will those arrests really make a individual criminals that 24 - impacted the city of baltimore, will not do that any fuurher 45 thess are just some of the 24-suspects... three-month long investigation... involving city police... the state's attornee's office....and the aat-f. bernsteii 28:11 our hope is that tte arrests of
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these individuuls as the commissioner said not only and makes our city safer, but - hopefully will lead thrrugh intelligence gathering to other cases and other unsolved crimes 28 authorities say thee began targeting the ffanklin square and penrose neighborhoodssoo west baltimore... fter seeing a over the summer. from august s - conducted moreethan 35- undercover drug deals... criminals. hess 3405 within that small geographic arra you had a multitude of organizations that were selling a product whether it marijuana 16but out of the ten suspects police have in custody ss far... onny tww were beeng eld without bail. prompting some to questioo whether the arrests will really address the ssike in viooence... if criminals are allowed to get back on the streets. skinner 3224 allhought these individuals haven't beennccarged directly with the iolence down there they're absoluteey contirubting tt the violence within thht neighborhood and are a drivinggforcc of vvolence within thhtt
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and police say while the connecttd on some levell in west baltimore, myranda stephens, foxx5 news at ten 49 ps the recher thhater prepares to go before the liqqor boardd monday.... newly releaaed 911 calls describe the chaos after a charity fundraiser got out of hand..-hand. iq:we've ot too many peopel out here.... oq: seed police to help you ok." ok." it happened back in september.... youtube video shhws the uuruly crowd on york road after being turned away from a private event hosttd by a fraternity.police were more ttan 2-thousand people. ppople were arrested. the theater could e fined and possibly lose its liquorr license. victims of domesticcviolence... will now be offered... a... new program at a baltimore countt hospitaa. g-b-m-c announced todaa the paunch of its new hospital-
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baaed domestic violence inntiaaive.thh program aims to stage and attempts to prevent &pfuture physical and emotionall injuuy. it's marylaad's 7-th hospital-based domestic violence program. "domestic violence knows no doesnnt discriminate regardless of race or ethnicity nationallty where social economic sort of hierarchy domestic violence will can find your famiiy." family." g-b-m-c also provides the only sexual assault fooensic treats teens and aduut victims of sexual assault. in stable condition at shock is- trauma tonight after a traffic accident caused by a deer.his patrol car overturned early today as he was trying to avoid a deer on route 26 in carroll county aad as paul gessler reports deer hae made
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dangerous month on maryland roads... . . outside the 7711 in jarrettsville,jeannie mcmillan, delta, pa:"he's the deer slayer. he's notta deer hunter, but he's killed many a deer with vehicles, unfortunately."the mcmillanss reflect on 3 3 newssat ttn..- weekend bringgany changes?ight -
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changes? let's go to meteorologist emiiy gracey happening noww now. 3 "we have 20-thousann 3 "we have 20-ttousand , turkeys...durinn the ht of oor "
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season" coming in ten minutes... it was a wedding gift that keeps on giving.. pwhy these turkkys are different than any you can fiid in aagrocery store. 3 p"i really think ambbssador rice is being treated unfairly." buu republicans say she lied toothe whole couutry. president didn't tell the ms th truth either. 3 -3 aúó new... informationn.../
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new... information .../ hat... preeident the deadly consulateeattack... n ibyaa& ../ close to ...the icials... investigatiin.../ disclosed.../ hat.../ to... our... media partner ...// the... "washington guardian" today. today. thht revelation as the former cia director -- who always came in the front a loading dock to enter the g capitol building where he &ptestified in closed sessions. catherine herridge explains what came out in today's testimony. testimony.
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the former ciaa 3 news. herridge fox catherine herridge fox news.
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3 "so this is the 74th year we have had turkeys raised here at the farm" parm" new at 10:30 a family run turkey farm. what makes rest. e birds a peck above the -
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the fiscal cliff could ggound thousands of flights. ameeica's skies. 3
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in howard county ne family thanksgiving since junn.... hat's... when they ...began raising...
10:33 pm
20-thousand ...'free-range' tuukeys../. kathleen you... to this family farm.../ - which has been opprating since effre the civil war. 3 maple lawn farms.... run by the same family for four generations... but in 1938 when ellsworth and mary got two turreys as a wedddnn gift.... (nnts shot turned into a real love story r- as they multiplied.... and then mmltiplied mooe. (chris bohrer-turkey farm mgr)"we have 20-thousand turkeys...ddring the ht of our season"(chris-close)"so this is the 74th year we have had turkeys raised here at tte farm"chris tells us 4 generations of family work raising the turkeys.,.. from dayyone in june.... until arr different then what youuy would find in the grocery store... because they only gobbll... -gobble nat pop- whats natural. (chris)"the all natural is they have no animal byproducts in their ffed..its all natural feed they consuue mostly wheat and ornsoybeans also"the barn is even sollr
10:34 pm
powered... for thh vegan turkeys whooare ffee to roam... (chris-- shssss ssss) while the family dog.. red, keeps an eyy on his feattered &pfriends... (standup)"through the years.. these turkeys have endeddup on a lottof &pthanksgiving platters in up ii theewhite house.. in the &pearly 1960s served to jfk and his faaily" at another barn.... some feast one wwht may be their last suuper... (chris)"inside that door right there.. the magic happens"this week,, the turkkys are processed.. and stacked.... (natss"i have a 17 andda quarter..." ann custooers 3
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'mmple lawn farms' is locatee on route 216 in fulton. they expect their &pmonday... when the crowds often cause traffic jams in that normally quiet community. the... national aquarium... has announced ...the winning name... oo... itss.. two-toed sloth. aquarium held a naming cootest foo the public. anddafter two weeks of voting everyonn decided on the name "camden". &pmore thhn 4-thousand votes were cast....1-thouuand of winning name.... that's in homage o the city and the season. runnnr up names were "iris", "waylay", "izzy" and "lunaa. camden is he 3-rd sloth born at the aqurium. 3 3 3 it's a big effort to 3 3
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3 3
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it's a big effort to helppthe needy during the holidays. holidays.for the fifth straight year...the building &powners and managers
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moveable feast..they held a fundraiser and food drive llst night in eaat baltimore to help those in need living with aids or breast cancer. and what bbtter way to say thank you than with somm cash? we're talking about the fox 45 thanksgiveaway?we're payyng foo your thanksgiving dinnee. page... like us... and click on contests. contests.then... ... we'll give away a 100- dollar gift card on fox 45 morning news... every hour... pf the show... starting at 5 a-m. 3 &p" mm job was taking care of poldiers, but i didn't get to do that." that." a deadly lives oo 4 eterans. how ttese heroes wound up stuck in the train's path. "innthe 56 years of the faa's history there has been anything that has been as threatening as sequestration." sequestration." budget cuts could put a damper on your air travel.
10:40 pm
why the fiscal cliff could make air travel much more dangerouss (((pkg))))i'm candaceedold with yourrtraffic edge report. road crews will be busy in baltimorr tomorrow. debris baltemoval shuts down falls ro from laaayette avenue to clipper mill will be shuttdown through ssnday at mooument ty work closes - street from chester street to milton ave.this be be blocced until tuesday at 5pm.(((ess))) you can get up to the minute the weekend on our website fox baltimore dot com and our fox45's free traffic news and weather in the palm &pof youu hand.candace dold fox 45 news at ten. 3 3
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3 the looming budget cuus could deliver a big blow to air travel. pndd explains.../, that - has the potentiall.. to mess up plans /- big time flies. 3this is air travel now. cut phat by a billion dollars, and it could ground millions of travelers. in the 56 years f the faa's history, there has
10:44 pm
not been anything that has been as threatening as ssquestration. the automatii spending cuts which may kick in aater the first of the year would run deep for the faa. tte aerospace induutries association paints a doomsday 3 washington. sandra
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in texxs...... 4 veterans were killed ...... 16 others plammed into a parade float that was taking thee to a banquet in their honor.....tonight we're learning a lot more about what happenened.... here's the scene ....the train lew its horn as it approached the intersection ..... buu the truck carrying because another truck carrying more veterans was in front of it..... some people had enough time to jump off the float in the afterrath...... many people are donating blood to being a medic, my job as ((obs)... my job was takinn care of soldiers, but i didn't get to do that. -3 the n-t-s-b says the train had a forward-facing camera... which will heep in the investigation 3 israel... is... preparing for... all-out war to.
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tonight.conflict.... intensifies in theemideast ../ this morning...//israel says... more than ...400 pockets... were fired ssnce wednesday, .../ and... it's being forced to protect iis citiiens ...with weapons ...of palestinian officials... arr... reporting deaths -- including chiidren...///. the u-s a... key ...issaeli ally... and... many on capitol hill say... the pountry should defend itself,.../ but... they also wwat the violence to end. "we're concerned aaout the civilian deaths nd mourn those deathh.. we want hamas way." the navy also aaming targetssalong gaza's shoreline...//..he united ...consider hamas... a... terrorist group...///tte arriveddin the ggza strip this morning,... to meet with palestinian offiiials... abouu the attaccs. he was forced to leave quickly when the cease fire was brookn.
10:48 pm
3 meet for the m-i---a rt hall championship tomorrow...what the teams needs to do if they want to in sportss unlimited... purr-ing up some trouble. why a ggy in a cat suit continues to harass employees at a gas station. [ dollar ] that's me.
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l50858544p. but i'm not just a number. i have a purpose. a higher purpose. [ muffled ] have some respect! not good. oh, man. hello? mm, no! finally -- the buck stops here. [ male announcer ] mcdonald's new hot'n spicy mcchicken. tender, juicy chicken with a crispy, spicy coating. at only a dollar, it's spicy, not pricey. but only for a limited time. it's been thh theme to this
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ravens' defense...bad injuries... causing guys to put on their big boy pants and the ravens are 7-and-2 minus three starters on "d."and a haloti ngata unning on aaout 70 guy that's stepped up.... defensive end arthur jjnes.with more he joins bruce cunnnngham in our coors light silver spotlight. spotlight. wwile the n-f-l is , while the nnf-l is on week
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11...high school football's wrapppng up. up.tomorrrw the private schools crown its the m-i-a-a division... rivals meet again... cclvertthall and gilman..both 8-and-2.they met ii october... with gilman came back to win the gaae... but on monday... when play resumed after a storm.gilman
10:54 pm
the favorite... looking to continue it's championship trend... the greyhounds have 11 titles....but whee they meet on the field... tradition doosn't matter... just x's and o's. donald davis::" we're going to have to limmt the ttrnnverr. hopefully on any mistakes they make or any short comiigs they may prreent during the course of the game."henry russell: "they've year. they spread it out, we're going to have to fiid a way to stop thht. in the first gameethis year,,14-3 after the first quarter so we know they're an explosive to find a way to slow them down a little bit." 3 remember you caa see tte security plus federaa credit union m-i-a-a championship game 7-30 on our sister station the c-w balttmore...calvert hall and gilman battle for the "a" conference title...only on the c-w baltimore. the terps host liu-brooklyn... the week...coming up at 11-30 on the late edition... police are investigating an
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unusual menace at a gas indianapolis.dianapolls. aa.. an... harassing... the shell station employees../. it's... alleady happeeed twice surveillance cameras...//. olice say... a group of people... wait outside.... while the man... in... full leopard costume ...tells the clerk... he's hungry... p and... needs feeeing.../ then... threatens to hurt him....// and... with... -& theyyrun off,... pouncing on racks of chips and candy along thh way...//.needless to say... the owner is fed up. houessou says: "the guy said, pbefore yyu purchase anything, take oof your mask." and he saad he doesn't ant to ttke off then he threw the thing to hhm." ///butt tt//houessou says: they keep doing it... i guess they're nnt scared about . nobody. police are looking into it.. . but orrnow... the owner and his emplooees... would... like to see ...this guy... face ddwn ....n a used... &damp. a thrift store jackpot. get for this hidden reasureel of the art world.
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minutes on the late edition... "she was so grateful and she was crying." crying."" near traaedy averttdd how a shoe donation almost cost one woman er life savings. and a very strange sight. what inspired a teenager to build a bike madeeentirelyyof wood. 3 [ female announcer ] welcome one and all to a tastier festive feast. so much to sip and savor, a feeding frenzy to say the least. a turkey from safeway will have everyone raving. there's fresh, natural, frozen, whatever you're craving. spend 35 dollars and a frozen safeway turkey is 59 cents a pound. or spend 35 dollars and get a fresh shadybrook farms turkey for 99 cents a pound. so raise your glass, pull up a chair, grab a plate. this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait. safeway. ingredients for life.
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this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait. thhnksgiving is n.we start our ast week oo giving away 100 dollar visa giftcards... monday onnfox45 morning newss e.../
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turns out to be an authentic woman... found this originaal... hand-signed... and... numbered etching... while sorting... thru... a pill oo items...///. the piece -- titled ""eflections" -- is from ddli's... "the cycles of life suite"...///. it's... noo... up for goodwill-dot-com....///the current juss over 91- hundred dollars. 3hello, i'm karen 3parks parks i'm... jeff barn. barnd...more allegations... of... waste...// at... city hall tonight.../. the... mayor says....the city... is... payinn... thhusands of dollars... on... phones use.

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